The Festival


The London Caipirinha Festival also known as “LondonCaipFest” was created in 2017 by VBRATA EUROPE to profile Brazilian culture across a range of sectors in London, with particular emphasis on tourism, gastronomy and cachaça.

The LondonCaipFest, part of Brasil Caipirinha Festival (#BrasilCaipFest) an international summer event in Europe, offers a unique opportunity for companies to promote their products and services to a distinct set of target audiences.

The objectives of London Caipirinha Festival (#LondonCaipFest):

  • Promote caipirinha, participating bars and restaurants and Festival partners
  • Establish the largest Brazilian cocktails and gastronomy competition in London and in Europe
  • To elect “London’s Best Caipirinha”, “London’s Best Brazilian Food” as well as many other categories
  • Identify local establishments as specialists in cachaça, caipirinha and Brazilian food
  • Encourage lovers of cocktails to learn more about Brazil and to have a general awareness of Brazilian culture
  • Promote cachaça and stimulate the growth and sales of this product
  • Identify and encourage new business opportunities between Brazilian producers and exporters with local importers and merchants
  • Create visibility in the press and in the media for Brazilian gastronomy, cachaça, beverages and foods and the partners and supporters of the festivals
  • Ensure Brazil’s competitiveness in the tourism, culture, gastronomy and export sectors
  • Promote Brazil as a tourist and gastronomic destination

The Brasil Caipirinha Festival (#BrasilCaipFest) is the new yearly summer event in Europe focusing on the UK, Spain and Italy.

We want to show the public that caipirinhas, one of the most famous and well known cocktails in the world, can take place in any and all type of event.

Madrid Caipirinha Festival (#MadridCaipFest), London Caipirinha Festival (#LondonCaipFest), Barcelona Caipirinha Festival (#BarcelonaCaipFest), Ibiza Caipirinha Festival (#IbizaCaipFest) and Milano Caipirinha Festival (#MilanoCaipFest) enter our programme for 2018 as family, cultural and creative events.